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fourth newsletter of YouthNest.crea project



Last transnational coordination meeting

4th and last transnational coordination meeting was celebrated on 17th to 18 th of September 2019. Meeting was hosted by one of the project partners - Obec Zemplínske Hámre, which is situated in the very east of Slovakia, also considered as one of the very rural parts of the country. During the two days of the agenda, all the attending project partner representatives had both time to work and also to get to know the rural area.

Project results

83 participants from 6 partner countries attended the online course which consisted of following topics:
   · Know myself and know the world
   · Creative thinking
   · Importance of effective communication
   · Teamwork
   · Risk management
   · Importance of ethics
   · What is business and its types
   · Requirements to start a business
   · How to start a business

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third newsletter of YouthNest.crea project



Mobility in Vedra, Spain

It is therefore fair after two years of intensive work developing the Eramus + : Youthnest.crea project, in the month of June the Council of Vedra had the honour of hosting 12 young people from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal and Slovakia . Over 12 action-packed days, these volunteers developed new skills in entrepreneurialareas such as design thinking, social innovation, business creation etc .

Mobility in Leeuwarden, Holland

We had such an informative mobility with our foreign participants being in Leeuwarden for the YouthNest.crea training. It was a huge pleasure welcoming and teaching the participants from Slovakia, Portugal, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom about entrepreneurship and getting familiar with the beautiful surroundings and activities Leeuwarden has to offer.

Mobility in Capannori, Italy

From 14th till 25th June 2019 we had the pleasure to host, in our hostel La Salana in Capannori, 12 young girls and boys from Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Holland and United Kingdom interested in entrepreneurship.

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second newsletter of YouthNest.crea project



Project Progress Between the Second and Third Transnational Partnership Meetings

Following the second transnational meeting in Capannori, Italy, the Partnership began work on producing the training materials for the local and in-situ training. This task started with a bidding process for work packages of the proposed training topics which emerged from the Joint Programme of Pilot actions which was prepared by Newry and Mourne Enterprise Agency and reviewed by the Partnership. As far as was possible the work packages were compiled in a way which was both fair, and also a fitted with the organisational competences of as many of the partners as possible.

Third Transnational Partner Meeting in Leeuwarden:

The third transnational Partnership meeting took place in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands on February 26th and 27th 2019. The meeting was attended by representatives of all of the partner organisations. As is common in collaborative projects, there is a timeline set out in the application for the delivery of intellectual outputs. Given that the YouthNest.crea project includes an in-situ mobility which needed to be scheduled in advance and was difficult to reschedule, the materials had to be ready to coincide with the arrival of the transnational incubator participants.

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first newsletter of YouthNest.crea project



kick-off meeting

On November 14th and 15th 2017, the kick-off meeting of the YouthNest.crea Project took place in Vedra (Spain). Representatives of the partnership met at the Vedra Co-working and Training Center, located in Santa Cruz de Ribadulla. Enrique Vázquez, the Councilor in charge of Youth, Culture and Volunteering for the Municipality of Vedra, opened the meeting and welcomed the participants.

Transnational meeting in Capannori

On May 9th and 10th 2018, the second transnational meeting of the YouthNest.crea project took place in Capannori (Italy). Representatives from all of the partnership organisations met at the Artemisia Cultural Centre.

The meeting participants were: Ms. Vanessa Crespo Souto (Concello de Vedra), Mr. Lennard Drogendijk (Stichting Business Development Friesland), Ms. Lia Micciché, Mr. Alessandro Pensa, and Mr. Nicola Rosellini (Comune di Capannori), Mr. Conor Patterson and Mr. Colin Hanna (Newry and Morne Co-operative Ltd), Ms. Lucia Marinicová (Obec Zemplinske Hamre) and Ms. Ana Paula Dias and Ms. Sara Freire (Associação Juvenil de Deao).

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