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Number of jobs created: no jobs created, voluntary entrepreneurship experience
Project in operation: since 2017
Location covered: Friesland-NL


The instigator of the project is foundation JOF (Young Entrepreneurial Friesland) and they believe that asking young people themselves for their ambitions, wishes and future dreams, you will get the best answer. That’s why JOF offers a stage for these young people to show who they are, what drives them and what are their ambitions.
They come up with their own entrepreneurial ideas and projects, and JOF provides them with the tools they need to realise these ideas and projects. We give support, tips and feedback and offer coaching and workshops. To make their idea – big or small – to succeed. In this way, we put young people in the lead and stimulate young entrepreneurship in Friesland.
With the project JOFTruck young people are taught how to set up a multifunctional (food)truck. There are 7 working groups which are responsible for the truck where on the one hand they can sell food and drinks and on the other hand organize events and activities. The team consists of 1) ambassadors, 2) engineering & construction, 3) event management, 4) sponsoring, 5) food & drinks, 6) activities and 7) communication.


For the JOFTruck several sources of finances have been mobilized. First of all, they have applied for a local fund (called Stichting Doen, Foundation Do, This is a foundation which finances initiatives of people who are willing to take risks to bring their pioneering ideas to life and thereby inspiring others.
Furthermore they have organized a fundraising bingo to get some starting capital.
Now they have the (first) foodtruck up-and-running and they are making their own money to cover their costs.


The young entrepreneurs are enabled to experience entrepreneurship in a daring but quite safe environment. It’s a replicable project, on the one hand because the young entrepreneurs can start their own food truck as well. But you can also involve entrepreneurs in the same process as well with the same food truck.


First of all, it was not easy to find a suitable food truck for the right price. The next challenge was to meet the Dutch social hygiene standards, which are quite strict. Last, but not least, it has been a challenge to come up with a business model for the food truck.
For the first two challenges, the solution was persistence. To come up with a viable business plan, support has been asked at the incubator and experienced entrepreneurs.


Their main advice is – look before you leap. You have to be very careful with all your decisions and really think through all the direct and indirect impacts it may have. And, of course, persistence and hard work.


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