Transnational incubator for creative entrepreneurship in european rural areas


Project in operation: since: 2017
Location covered: Friesland-NL


Codegorilla offers an opportunity to students to gain knowledge in various IT solutions through a form of bootcamp. In a short period of time a group of students will be acquainted with interesting IT solutions through an intensive period of training and education.
Next to the program for students, there is also the possibility for employers to take action in a Codegorilla training. The goal of the company is to close the gap between students who are looking for a job and employers looking for skilled talent. Also, it noticed that there is a lack of well-skilled personel in the IT world, by training and educating people who are interested in this line of work, they want to make sure that the supply of talented people increases.
To guide this process Codegorilla has corporate advisors, offers personal guidance and also makes sure that through a marketing/commercial team new members keep coming.


For financing Codegorilla, there have only been funds as provided by banks used for starting the company and the first months. In addition, now funds through community or familiar have been used to get the company going. It funded the financial needs through their own network.


Because of the project, Codegorilla achieved an increase in the supply of highly skilled people in the IT branch. A lot of people who did not had a job and found IT interesting, took part in the program and found a job not too long after finishing the boot camp.
So Codegorilla addressed a community problem and aided in solving this. Not only did the numbers of unemployed personnel in the IT branch decrease, the program also enriched the society because it now inhabits a lot more skilled people.


There were no difficulties to overcome. Of course, Codegorilla had to find the right people to fill their staff, but maybe that’s just normal. Next to this, they also had to find people who were willing to be their “testcase”, but because they made use of good resources they were quickly able to find the right people for the job.
After the company had started and started to gain more attention, it first became difficult to fulfill the increasing demand. But as stated earlier, Codegorilla found people who were willing to put their experience in the corporate world to use and aid in the guidance of participants.


It is necessary that you know what the problem is that needs solving. When you know this, you can start to look for solutions. Once you know this, you can begin to assemble the right people for the job, people who you trust and you know are up to the task.
It also is important to know what your goal as a company should be. Make sure that you know what happens when things do not go as planned and also when things are going too fast. You have to be able to adapt to every scenario possible. If this is clear to you and your members, you can figure out what the challenges will be and how to tackle them.
Be thorough in everything you undertake as a company. Be the best, get the best people and be prepared!


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